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Devotee Management Solution

Devotee Management System is ERP Solution for Ashram or Temples. It is designed to cater complete management requirements and automation of Temples and Ashrams. It simplifies the task of handling and maintaining of large amount of devotees data. It maintains devotee’s and donors personal details.

DMS—ERP Solution is ideal for small & big temples/ ashrams having large number of devotees, large number of events, and huge sum of donations to manage.

DMS is developed on Latest version of OpenERP i.e. v7

Features of DMS

  • It maintains devotee’s personal details.
  • It enables devotees to be in touch through SMS, mails, letter.
  • It keeps devotees updated about upcoming event and other information through mass messaging and emailing.
  • It enables to maintain the details of donors.
  • Create templates for Emails.
  • Maintaining Email and messaging logs.
  • Provide different reports which are as follows: Pracharak wise report, Place wise report, Prominent Devotees, Message report, Devotees report.
  • Many language supporters.
  • Create Users and manage their access rights.

Main Modules of DMS

Devotee Management System consist of three main modules:-

Devotees: - This module is used to maintain the personal details of devotees and donors. Also keep the check of amount donated by Donors, connect with devotees through mass SMS and Email services, managing events in JKP, creating email and messaging server and email templates etc.

Audit Logs: - This module is designed especially for audit prospective. Here you can define audit rules on all or particular users and review the audit logs. This module also have the history of all deleted devotee and have feature to restore any of them at any point of view.

Setting: - This module is used to create users for the system who can access the system according to their access rights, create groups and assign users to the particular groups.

Why Devotee Management System

  1. Manage Devotees Details
  2. Donation Management
  3. Entry Card Management for Events By DMS 
  4. Devotees Birthday Reminder & Schedule Wishing Email 
  5. Dormant Devotees Management
  6. Easy Import & Export of Data Anytime Through DMS 
  7. Email Functionality 
  8. Mass Messaging Functionality 
  9. Manage Your Events Through DMS
  10. Generate Reports for Ashram through DMS
  11. Manage your all users steps through Audit Logs Functionality 
  12. Manage Users and their Access Rights
  13. Highly Flexible i.e. can be customized at any point of view.

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