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Handicraft Manufacturing Industry Management Solution / System

It is a complete solution for Manufacturing Industries, basically designed for exporters, importers and buying agents. It manages all the Export-Import related tasks that are crucial for the growth of the organisation.

In India and many other countries such as China, South Korea, Singapore etc., Handicraft Manufacturing Industries are growing with great pace as it act as a bonus to their country economy. To manage a handicraft industry, it basically requires inventory management for materials of products, management of supplier Address book, employee’s database, handling Sales and purchase, incoming shipments and internal moves of a product within the warehouse, stock moves. All these basic functionalities together momentums the whole process cycle of handicraft Industry. With our HIMS-ERP Solution, it has become possible to fulfil all these functionalities with a single software eliminating the complexities of system and increasing the productivity. Handicraft Industry consist of different units like Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing etc integrated together to run the process.

Key Features Of HIMS

  1. It provides an optimum solution for Handicraft Industries.
  2. Manages whole Export-Import cycle.
  3. It is customizable according to Business needs.
  4. It provides complete reporting.
  5. It provides ease to access and manages sales, purchase, production, bill of material, delivery.
  6. It helps  to boost our sales, reduces rework, catalyse profits.
  7. Helps to manage post shipment and pre shipment record.
  8. Helps to keep track of work through deadlines.
  9. Keeps data real time.
  10. Shape up list of responsibilities for various members.
  11. Manages tasks and various projects, reduces time, risk and effort.

Modules Of HIMS

  1. Sales Management Module---It is used to manage contacts of partners.We can make sales order, manage price list and through History tab we can track history with our partners. Can organise meetings, schedule calls, enables mailing as well as mass messaging.We can manage different kinds of products, their categories and their invoicing.
  2. Purchase Management Module---Request for quotation is maintained, purchase order is created here. Goods are received after purchasing and we can track our incoming shipments. Invoices are created based on draft invoices, purchase order lines and based on receptions.
  3. Shift Management Module---Shift Management used to  manage people, equipment, and product for fast, accurate, and friendly service.It is develop to handle complex, overlapping, rotating, and over-night shift schedules, manage unlimited number of employees, avoid scheduling conflicts, and optimize your work schedule.
  4. Icard generation and Management Module---Employee Icard generation is a  wizard which is  used to genrate the employee ID card of different type of employees and manage the database of all ID Cards with employee mapping.Can take print out of several types of ID Card from single wizard
  5. Employee Information and Payroll Management Information---Manage the most important asset in your company: "People".With our module for personnel information management, leave, time tracking, attendance‚ expenses, payroll, periodic evaluations and recruitment.
  6. Maintainance Management Module--- Maintenance module is for handling the entire maintenance task like repair, routine maintenance, and Machine repair. It consists of Civil Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance as well as Mechanical Maintenance task.
  7. Visitors Management Module--- Visitor Management is designed to handle all the visitors come-in or out of the organisation instead of keeping so many manual registers. This module track all the details of visitors.
  8. Warehouse Management Module--- A warehouse represents place where the physical stock is placed.  Warehouse works on double entry stock management system. Supplier locations show negative stocks and customer locations show positive stocks. Warehouse manages stock receiving and delivery, inventory management.
  9. Manufacturing Management Module---Under this various production orders are maintained. BOM (Bill of Material) is created which includes various components involved in the production of a product.Various Work centres of companies are listed.Plan and control your supply chain through different applications in the Manufacturing module. Personalize your master data, configure planning, manage your manufacturing and work orders.
  10. Reporting--- This Module is designed to get dynamic report of any module at any point of you for reviewing or print it for any further processes. This is integrated with all modules of HIMS.

  11. Automatic Accounting--- This module record your operations in a few clicks and manage all your financial activities in one place. Financial operations has never been easier. Get clear visibility of invoices awaiting from your supplier, control and validate them without re-encoding. Set-up and automate follow-ups to get a periodical financial overview and get paid quickly.

  12. Project Management Module---Project module consists of tasks and issues.  Whenever a problem is encountered in Maintenance, it automatically comes under task and issues for its repairing. Any issue regarding machine becomes the task for its completion. Every task comes with a deadline associated to a particular project and assigned to a particular person.
  13. Sample Management Module--- Sample module consist of the detailed product information i.e. Serial no. , Technique, Category, material etc. We can also manage Address Book of the buyer as well as vendor. Under Products menu all types of products are mentioned whether they are BoM items, store items, final products or finish products. It manages costing of the Sample. Sample consist of vendor Information also.
  14. Quality Assurance Management Module---Quality Assurance module is use to track issues regarding Quality Defects and Quality Issues of a product after performing certain tests on the product. Performs several test to detect the quality of the product. Notifies all the defects of the product.
  15. Notice Board for Company--- Notice Board Module is very special feature of our ERP Solution. This is available on dashboard of very employee or user of our Solution . So that organisation head can make annoucement or any urgent notice through this and manage all of them in our database for further consideration.

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